Little Women

Little Women cover artFrom the Classics Series

Little Women
by Louisa May Alcott

with an introduction by Kerry van der Vinne

“Children should be children as long as they can.”

THE “LITTLE WOMEN” of the March family can still remember the prosperous days before the war, when their father was at home. Now, as they come of age, Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy must face the challenges of life and love, shaping their minds and their characters along the way. Filled with laughter as well as loss, this classic American novel has been adapted for film and television numerous times, and continues to warm the hearts of readers and viewers alike.

LOUISA MAY ALCOTT (1832-1888) is best remembered for writing Little Women (and its sequels, Little Men and Jo’s Boys), which was largely inspired by her own experiences growing up with three sisters in Concord, Massachusetts during the years before the Civil War.

Complete and unabridged.

Note: “Little Women” was originally published in two volumes, the first called “Little Women: Meg, Jo, Beth & Amy” and the second called “Good Wives.” The Ambry Press edition contains both original volumes in a single book.

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Little Women