Mac Vitalis and the Mystery of All Saints Abbey

Mac Vitalis book cover

Mac Vitalis cover artMac Vitalis and the Mystery of All Saints Abbey

by H.W. Lincoln

In the timeless style of great children’s literature comes a modern-day tale of three unforgettable friends who get caught in a tangle of unexpected events…

Mac Vitalis has recently moved to Arkview, Ontario with her father and younger sister following the tragic death of her mother. She’s perplexed by her father’s decision to move, but she’s even more perplexed when he takes her to nearby All Saints Abbey. There she begins to form surprising friendships with a wide range of charming and eccentric neighbours. More surprising still are the discoveries that Mac and her new friends begin to uncover about the Abbey’s mysterious and troubled history. They’re sure something sinister has come back to threaten those living there. Can they solve the mystery before it’s too late?

More about Mac Vitalis and the Mystery of All Saints Abbey:

  • Filled with tributes to the Canadian landscape, Mac Vitalis has the botanical charm of Burnett’s Secret Garden, and the heart-warming quality of Montgomery’s beloved Anne books.
  • While following in the tradition of the classics, Mac Vitalis blends an atmospheric romp through old-fashioned settings with a cast of contemporary characters, and takes the time to explore enduring themes of grief and healing, grace and forgiveness, and much, much more.
  • The perfect book to read together with the middle schooler in your life, Mac Vitalis creates teachable moments aplenty, touching on issues ranging from bullying to sibling rivalry to social media.
  • Mac Vitalis will pull you in slowly, treating you to a magical journey, before cascading to a fast-paced conclusion filled with unexpected revelations and satisfying outcomes.


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The Lucidity Contagion

Lucidity Contagion cover art

Lucidity Contagion cover artComing Soon!

The Lucidity Contagion
by H. W. Lincoln

Willa’s world is a highly organized one with very little crime. At the age of 14 she knows all about the way that dreams are collected and archived in tiny glass vials. It’s easy for the authorities to maintain order when citizens fear the punishment of having their worst nightmares fed back into their minds. But when Willa begins to master her dreams, she becomes a threat to the established order, and discovers an entire community of people just like her living in the shadows…

Little Women

Little Women cover art

Little Women cover artFrom the Classics Series

Little Women
by Louisa May Alcott

with an introduction by Kerry van der Vinne

“Children should be children as long as they can.”

THE “LITTLE WOMEN” of the March family can still remember the prosperous days before the war, when their father was at home. Now, as they come of age, Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy must face the challenges of life and love, shaping their minds and their characters along the way. Filled with laughter as well as loss, this classic American novel has been adapted for film and television numerous times, and continues to warm the hearts of readers and viewers alike.

LOUISA MAY ALCOTT (1832-1888) is best remembered for writing Little Women (and its sequels, Little Men and Jo’s Boys), which was largely inspired by her own experiences growing up with three sisters in Concord, Massachusetts during the years before the Civil War.

Complete and unabridged.

Note: “Little Women” was originally published in two volumes, the first called “Little Women: Meg, Jo, Beth & Amy” and the second called “Good Wives.” The Ambry Press edition contains both original volumes in a single book.

Ambry Press is committed to producing high quality classic editions using original and unabridged texts, carefully formatted for optimal readability.


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