Lady Susan

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From the Classics Series

Lady Susan
by Jane Austen

with an introduction by Kerry van der Vinne

I remember saying to myself, as I drove to the house, “I like this man—pray heaven no harm come of it!”

LADY SUSAN is a widow with a reputation. She is charming and beautiful, but utterly selfish and devoid of scruples. When she sets her sights on a much younger man, his family fears he will be drawn into shame and scandal. Meanwhile, Lady Susan’s 16 year-old daughter, Frederica, attempts to flee from the unwelcome attentions of the suitor her mother has picked out for her.

Jane Austen (best known for writing Pride and Prejudice) continues to delight readers with her witty and perceptive take on the role of women and class in late eighteenth century British society. In recent years her novels have been adapted and reinterpreted for film and television many times.

This edition includes a “Cast of Characters” for reference.

The author’s original text is complete and unabridged in this edition.


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Lady Susan