Tales of Christmas by L. M. Montgomery

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From the Classics Series

Tales of Christmas:
A Treasury of Seasonal Stories

by L. M. Montgomery

with an introduction by Kerry van der Vinne

“It is a dreadful thing to be poor a fortnight before Christmas,” said Clorinda, with the mournful sigh of seventeen years.

L. M. Montgomery (best known for writing Anne of Green Gables) wrote over 500 short stories during her lifetime. Among these, sprinkled like sparkling snow, are a handful of Christmas-time tales, presented together here in this unique collection of nineteen delightful works.

As always, Montgomery weaves her magic to introduce readers to a wide range of characters, both lovable and loathsome, and with a skillful pen celebrates the enchantment of the Canadian landscape. Step into a world that has all the charm and familiarity of home—complete with quirks and humour, with beauty and with light.


Please note that this title is only available in Canada.

Tales of Christmas by L. M. Montgomery