Pride & Prejudice

Pride and PrejudiceFrom the Classics Series

Pride and Prejudice
by Jane Austen

with an introduction by Kerry van der Vinne

SISTERS ELIZABETH & JANE BENNET come from a respectable family, but their parents and sisters do not always behave with propriety. When their romantic hopes are dashed, Elizabeth discovers that proud Mr. Darcy has played a role in their disappointments. But things go from bad to worse, when their youngest sister puts the family’s reputation at risk. Can they ever recover from the association? Will love continue to elude them?

JANE AUSTEN, in this, her best known and loved novel, continues to delight readers with her witty and perceptive take on the role of women and class in late eighteenth century British society. In recent years her novels have been adapted and reinterpreted for film and television many times.

Complete & Unabridged: This edition contains the author’s original text. Some minor mechanics of language (spelling, punctuation) have been updated for readability


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Pride & Prejudice