The Story of the Church

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Cover art for The Story of the ChurchThe Story of the Church:
8 Bible-Based Lessons on God’s Sovereignty & Providence in Church History

by Kerry van der Vinne

Upon the rock of faith in Jesus Christ, the Church was founded. Through 2000+ years it has seen triumphs and failures, but it has never been beyond the reach of God’s redemptive grace.

In eight powerful sessions, Kerry van der Vinne provides an overview of Christian history, touching on the stories of many great saints, taking stock of pivotal controversies, and exploring both triumphs and failures – all of which have astonishing relevance to us today. Each lesson is rooted in scripture and includes questions for discussion or reflection. Suitable for either personal or group learning, this study is presented at an academic level suitable for adults or mature teens.

Lesson 1: The Early Church
Lesson 2: Definitions & Defenders
Lesson 3: The Plague of Power
Lesson 4: Monastic Missionaries
Lesson 5: Faithful Outliers
Lesson 6: The Reformers
Lesson 7: Compassion & Service
Lesson 8: Yesterday, Today, Forever

The Story of the Church