The Creed

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Creed cover artThe Creed:
An Eight-Part Study of Bible, Theology & Church History

by Kerry van der Vinne

The Apostles’ and Nicene Creeds are vital legacies from the early Church, designed to clarify the core beliefs which bind all true Christians together, and to help them recognize false teachings when they arise.

In eight powerful sessions, Kerry van der Vinne provides a comprehensive survey of the Christian creeds, which offers insight into biblical and theological study as well as Church history, along the way. Suitable for either personal or group learning, sessions include discussion questions, are presented at an academic level suitable for adults or mature teens.

Lesson 1: Where the Creeds Come From and Why They Matter
Lesson 2: One God, Father Almighty, Maker of All
Lesson 3: The Deity, Humanity and Incarnation of Jesus
Lesson 4: The Work of Jesus: Prophet, Priest and King
Lesson 5: The Holy Spirit: Giver of Life
Lesson 6: The Church: Community, Giftedness, and Mission
Lesson 7: The Christian Hope (Eschatology 101)
Lesson 8: Recognizing False Teaching: A Tool for Every Age

The Creed