Northanger Abbey

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From the Classics Series

Northanger Abbey
by Jane Austen

with an introduction by Kerry van der Vinne

He smiled and said, “And are you prepared to encounter all the horrors that a building such as ‘one reads about’ may produce?”

Catherine Morland is a naïve young woman with an enthusiastic love of Gothic novels. When an opportunity arises for her to visit Bath, she becomes acquainted with the Tilney family. It’s not long before she is invited to visit them in their home—the mysterious and foreboding Northanger Abbey. Catherine must discern whether her imagination is getting the better of her, and which of her new friends is worthy of her love and trust.

Jane Austen (best known for writing Pride and Prejudice) continues to delight readers with her witty and perceptive take on the role of women and class in late eighteenth century British society. In recent years her novels have been adapted and reinterpreted for film and television many times.

Complete and unabridged.


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Northanger Abbey