The Princess and the Goblin

Goblin coverFrom the Classics Series

The Princess and the Goblin
by George MacDonald

  • Princess Irene must be kept safe from the goblins who inhabit her land, and are are the sworn enemies of her father, the king.
  • Curdie, the son of a coal-miner, uncovers a dastardly goblin plot, by courageously following them deep into their cavernous kingdom.
  • And an ancient, and other-worldly lady appears at unexpected moments to offer wisdom, guidance and a ring with magical properties.

In this classic tale of adventure, George MacDonald weaves his storytelling magic—the same enchantment which has inspired many noteworthy fantasy writers over the past century, including C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. If you’re a fan of Narnia and Middle Earth, you’ll find in MacDonald’s stories many elements which are at once familiar and entirely unique.

Enjoy these beautifully designed editions—again and again—or share the wonder of “The Princess and the Goblin” with someone special.

The author’s original text is complete and unabridged in this edition.

This is the first in a two-book series, with an introduction by H. W. Lincoln. If you enjoyed this title, you’ll also enjoy its prequel, “The Princess and Curdie.”


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The Princess and the Goblin